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About Me

Andy Hornby Photography

I have been doing photography since collage. Landscapes were a big deal for me, until I started doing Model Portfolios, back in 2005. I always wanted to get in to Wedding Photography, so a photographer friend of mine convinced me to start with Models. They will be in their early twenties and will get married one day, have the kids and need photography for that too. He wasn't wrong... When I started shooting weddings, back in 2006 (and the coming years), I managed to get a few weddings through social media, but I got a lot of wedding from models I had worked with previously. To contact me about wedding photography, please do so through my website - CLICK HERE

Interior design photography was another wise instruction from a photographer friend of mine - he makes a good living from shoots for Hotels in Manchester and has convinced me to see if I can do the same. I use the latest technologies and software to create images that will wow prospective hotel clientele. This creates more interest in the rooms, and raises bookings - I have seen hotels increase bookings by up to 120%, just after I have swapped out their boring images for the ones that I took for them. The ultimate goal is for the Hotel to be able to raise the prices of their rooms. To contact me about Interior Design Photography, please do so below, using the contact form.

Now I have come full circle and re-started doing Landscapes - this is photography for me! I love the weddings and the creative aspect of the interior design - but my passions has been lost for a few years - I now have the landscape photography bug back. Check out my recent images - but expect a lot more to come soon, as I venture further and further to get those amazing images. CLICK HERE